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2013 NBT Stop 8 Pins Lincoln Nov 8 - 10

This is the last of the NBT Stop held at Pins Lincoln, Waitakere before the Grand Final at Strike Porirua, Wellington on Dec 7 - 8.
The weather got nasty at Wellington Airport. Dense fog led to the cancellation of all flights in and out, hence some of our Welly bowlers were unable to be in Auckland.
No results were posted at TBNZ website till after lunch. Bowling center should forward updates to the TBNZ Statistician asap.
Delfin De Guzman is the only Welly bowler to cash in 6th in the Seniors Masters.
Other Welly bowlers that made the Masters were:
Ladies – Brooke Malone 7th, Ellen Slater 9th,
Finally we see a decent turn out of Juniors and Youth from the Bombay Hill.
It pays to watch the earlier squads to see where the bowlers who were having most success were playing, and then finding the best ball to play there during warmup. The objective is to find the most predictable ball in your arsenal that produce the result as it carries into the pocket. Ball reputation is of no use if you cannot feel the shot. To be prepared for a tourney you need to tell yourself how great you want to be and bowls with your heart. Your ball and you are As One.
For those that made the cut to the NBT Finals, you have my congratulations. You deserved to be there. Go out and give your best. Be mentally prepared and stay physically afresh. And don’t forget to get your nutrition fix.
Knowledge is power. It’s about knowing how to win through your experience that gives you the cutting edge. See, Do and Learn.

2013 NBT Stop 7 Strike Hutt Sept 20 - 22

A frightening electrical storm hit Wellington late on Friday evening with thunder, lightning and torrential rain causing power failure. Lightning struck a transmission line into Gracefield substation and Korokoro causing an outage. The Friday squads finished late. Bowlers were tolerant and cooperative. Heavy rain continued onto Saturday.
Thanks to Harry for laying down a familiar USBC sport pattern that is enjoyed by all the competitors. It has been a long time since I have noticed bowlers finishing off their games with smiling faces. There were many opportunities for the perfect game during qualifying but it did not materialise till the Open Masters Final. Mark Francis struck in Game 2 and Carl Mollet did it in Game 5. Congrats on your 1st sanctioned perfect game. Another highlight was Open Masters Game 10 between Sonny and AJ with both shooting 279.
Jessie Swain (Newtown) took out the Junior and Anthony Carbonell (Hutt) the Youth. Daniel Simon and Julieanne Mollet (both from Kapiti) secured the Open and Ladies while the Seniors goes to Phil Wright.
Welly bowlers in the Masters were:
Junior: Alex Harman 2nd, Dayna Haylock 3rd, Chelsie Parsons 4th, Lance Barns 5th & Mitchell Davis 6th
Youth: Kaleb Allardyce 2nd, Saasha Ritchie 3rd, Kieran Davis $th, Ash Ball 5th, Jessie Swain 6th
Ladies: Ivena Heald 2nd, Lynnaire Churchill 3rd, Aleisha Cunningham 4th, Annabelle Swain 6th, Brooke Malone 7th, Ellen Slater 8th, Kerrie Churchill 9th & Julie Barns 10th
Seniors: Roger Tucker 2nd, Wayne Booth 3rd, Greg Nicolas 5th, Rey Non 7th, Delfin De Guzman 10th
Open: Mike Gibbs 5th, Anthony Carbonell 6th, Greg Nicolas 7th, Roger Tucker 10th & Chris Ball 11th
This was an entertaining NBT. It’s a wonderful sight to see 14 Juniors participate in this event. Credit goes to the supportive junior programs organised by Strike Lower Hutt and Porirua.

2013 TBNZ 2nd National Senior Team Champ Porirua Sept 6 - 8

A new era begins.
Emerging and seasoned male bowlers from the Wellington Asian community dominated the 2013 2nd TBNZ National Senior Teams Championship. The Pinoys – German Ebue, Greg Nicolas and Delfin De Guzman took the Gold, Silver and Bronze in the Men All Events. They were inducted as the Male NSTC AllStar Team. (Incidentally, Germz, Greg and Delfin recently represented New Zealand at the 2013 1st World Senior Teams Championship in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA)
Germz also took Gold in the Singles, 3rd in Doubles with Prime Castro (Pinoy) and 3rd in Teams with Coco Tuason (Pinoy) and Stuart Cunningham. Prime Castro received the Male Sports Personality award. Yoyo Muljono (Indonesian) earned the Mens Outstanding Achievement Award for this championship. Yoyo was also a close 5th in the All Event by just 5 pins. Albert Saw (Singaporean) was a member of the Wellington team that captured the Mens Team Gold with Yoyo, Delfin and Wayne Booth. Boyce Wong (Malaysian) partnered Greg to receive the Silver in the Doubles.
Other Wellington Region bowlers on the podium are:
Singles – Rob Pollock (Kapiti) 2nd, Wayne Booth (Wellington) 3rd
Doubles – Rob Pollock & Roger Tucker (Kapiti) 1st
Team – Wellington 1st, Porirua 2nd, Lower Hutt 3rd
Singles – Lynnaire Churchill 1st
Doubles – Josie Adams & Ivena Heald (Kapiti) 2nd, Lynnaire Churchill & Annabelle Swain (Wellington) 3rd
Team – Kapiti 2nd, Wellington 3rd
Final Regional Standings:
Combined Points : Wellington 1st Kapiti 2nd Manukau 3rd
Mens Winners: Wellington 1st Lower Hutt 2nd Kapiti 3rd
Ladies Winner: Kapiti 1st Manukau 2nd Wellington 3rd
It was a well greased championship without any delays. The only hiccup was that quite a few bowlers had minor damages on their balls - deep 2 inch slashes, scarred scratches and chips off bowling balls from the ball return on Lanes 5 & 6.
Format - Each centre is made up of 4 Males and 4 Females bowling Singles, Doubles, Team. 6 games per event. Change lane after every game. All Events to determine the NSTC AllStar Team.
The WTBA Atlanta 38ft pattern was used. Tough and Unforgiving.

2013 NBT Stop 6 Strike Porirua August 2 - 4

A reminder to bowlers: When attending future NBT events, don’t be surprised if you may have to accept a change in payout by the bowling centre on the day. Payout adjustments are made at the discretion of the bowling centre, based on the entries just before the start of the first squad and is made known to bowlers. The bowlers’ lateness in entering the NBT was to blame for creating such uncertainties.
The NBT at Strike Porirua ran smoothly with an oiling pattern that was conducive to high scoring if you managed to find your line and were accurate in playing it. The high scores reflected the numerous opportunities for bowlers to shoot a perfect game. All that is needed is a pinch of luck.
Dave Warwick of Wellington did just that in Game 13 (last game) of the Open Masters Matchplay on lane 5/6 bowling against fellow Wellington bowler Tim Swain. Tim was quite encouraging and supportive. Dave hurt his leg during the previous game against Craig Nevatt. After taping up the bothersome calf/ hamstring he managed to limp over to lane 5/6. Still in good humour from his discomfort, he bowled clean and crisp with the Storm Tropical Heat ball. Frame 7 went Brooklyn and swept the 10 pin over late. From frame 8 onwards it was his destiny to achieve the twelve baggers. Its been a long time between drinks since Dave shot a 298 at Super Strike Manukau on April 6th in 2007 (lane 23/24) during the Adult National Teams Champ bowling for Wellington. Dave’s official 300 Game on August 4th is the 100th in New Zealand. That score took him to 1st place by 9 pins of total pinfalls from James Kelly. It was a miraculous achievement indeed.
In the Ladies, Brooke Malone came 1st. For the Youth, Anthony Carbonell was 1st. Alex Harman took the Juniors. Only the Wellington Youth and Junior bowlers participated. The rest of the country drew a zero response.
Other Welly bowlers in the Masters:
Open: Alan Williams 3rd, Daniel Simon 8th, Nathan Berry 9th, Greg Nicolas 10th, Tim Swain 11th, Kaleb Allardyce 12th, Rey Non 13th and Chris Ball 14th
Seniors: Rey Non 2nd, Andy Smith 3rd, Hamish McGrigor 5th, German Ebue 6th, Greg Nicolas 7th, Stuart Cunningham 9th
Ladies: Annabelle Swain 2nd, Ellen Slater 4th, Kelly Wilson 6th, Tina Sicat 7th, Aleisha Cunningham 10th
Youth: John Miklos 2nd, Sam Keller 3rd, Saasha Ritchie 4th, Kieran Davis 5th, Ash Ball 6th
Juniors: Dayna Haylock 2nd, Sean Ternent 3rd, Jess Swain 4th, Chelsie Parsons 5th, Jacob Koot 6th

2013 NBT Stop 5 Manukau July 5 - 7

No Cheers but Jeers. The center was poor in the handling of this tourney with no frills service and an abundance of lane problems which will remain as the defining image of Tenpin Manukau.

Many out of town bowlers wondered why the turnout for an Auckland tournament could be so low that they had to cut the Open finalists. At one point in the week before the tournament the entire published squad list seemed to be out of town bowlers. Unfortunately, the Aucklanders cannot really afford to be so choosy with Takapuna out of action, and Panmure & Manukau poorly maintained, the only remaining option is Waitakere. It's a shame because the talent in NZ bowling still resides in Auckland.
The other glaring outcome of this tournament is the very poor depth in the youth and junior bowling. Three Juniors, and in the end only one Youth entry do not bode well for the future of our sport in NZ. This has been a growing issue over the last year or so, but this tournament has plummeted to new depths.
Manukau tenpin bowling center looked tired and besieged with balls not coming back and can be seen in the pin area or stuck inside the machine just before coming up. As it happens, it came as no surprise that the counter staff also erred in posting bowlers to the wrong lanes. The only positive thing is that the lane technicians were trying their best to rectify the problems. Ball return problems across the entire centre caused continual delays. Tournament director canned the Death Squad even before the 2:30pm squad had finished. In the warmup for that squad, lanes 11&12 ball return gave up the ghost, so those bowlers were shifted to lanes 5 & 6, where the ball return turned out to be worse. In the end the four bowlers started one block later than everyone else, and were spread across the centre among all the other bowlers. When the bulk of the bowlers had finished, the four were reunited on a single pair to play their last block together, and alone. This discomfort on the lanes had not been difficult to discern.
The lane condition varied. Bowlers that were observant and trusting their shot using various balls had a better score.
The 1st reserved bowler Amanda Kebblewhite won the Ladies Masters title on her return to competitive bowling with the late withdrawal of a qualifier due to injury. Jho Balanay came 2nd for her first outing in New Zealand. Some bowlers miscalculated the check in time and bowlers down the list that bothered to turn up got the call.

Wellington bowlers, Greg Nicolas won the Senior Masters by changing to the Rotogrip Dynasty ball which seemed to handle the 42ft lane conditions averaging 212.4 for the 9 games. No Masters for Juniors and Youth due to insufficient entries. Jess Swain was 2nd in the Juniors and John Miklos was the sole entry in the Youth.
Other Welly in the Masters:
Open – Greg Nicolas 6th
Seniors – Delfin De Guzman 3rd, Stuart Cunningham 8th, Ramon Tiu 10th
Ladies – Annabelle Swain 8th
So will you be back? Maybe to shoot some pools? The bar looks uninviting.

2013 COKE CLASSIC - Bowlarama Newtown, June 28 - 30

Atrocious weather wrecked havoc with strong gale and torrential downpour in Wellington on the weekend prior to this tourney. The storm was merciless, ripping off part of the roof. The centre had to make a judgment call whether to proceed with the tourney. It was a brave decision. High praises all round for the preps that gone into getting the lane ready and the machines operating without any hiccups. Bowlers complimented on the slide of the lane approach. This glamour tourney of 2013 kicked off with a trouble free start and finished with a great appreciation from all the participants and spectators. There was still plenty of prizes with $$$$, balls and bags, gifts to the ladies participants and the visiting Aussie bowler. A nice gesture indeed.

Day 1 Short oil, 8 games block was dominated by Craig Nevatt with a 205.75 average.
Day 2 Long oil, James Kelly bowled a 223.5 average for the 8 games block to take the lead and the top spot for the Semifinal matchplay.
A further 7 games were played on Medium oil for the 15 qualifiers. James Kelly took the lead, averaging 230.14 for the 7 games. Sonny Reguerra 2nd and Chris Haynes 3rd. JK nominated the medium oiling for the stepladder final. Sonny easily disposed of Chris Haynes (2011 Winner) 256 – 162, Chris running into problems with 3 open frames. In the 2nd stepladder, Sonny Reguerra (2013 TBNZ Adult National Champion) finished with 203. James Kelly (2012 TBNZ No1 ranking Adult Bowler) was on 154 at the 8th frame with a strike on the 9th frame. JK needed a turkey on the 10th frame to win. Two strikes and a 9. It’s a Tie leading to a two frame roll-off. Both of them strike the first frame. Then Sonny did a double strike and an 8. JK had a split. It finished 58-24 to Sonny but JK executed the right for a Rechallenge. Sonny started with a rare 9 open. JK did a 9 spare. Sonny 5 baggers the next to take 19 pins lead. JK then 4 bagger and a 9 spare to finish with 238. A strike would have shut out Sonny. Sonny replied with a spare, strike, spare and needed a turkey in the last frame for a Tie. The crowd was on their toes. Strike by Sonny. Cheers. Sonny strike again. Exhilarations then silence. Both strikes were flush. Sonny took a moment longer for his last shot and just missed the mark for an 8 count. There were tons of sighs and applauses. What a fine display of accuracy and concentration by both bowlers. Definitely the best show in town. This tourney has never failed in offering a spectacular finale.
The visitor from Australia, Daniel Webb (2012 Sydney Youth Cup Champion) finished 4th averaging 201.13 for 23 games. Daniel is a bowler that does not let the pattern dictates his bowling. He dictates his own play with a good relaxed arm swing and a smooth follow through under the tutelage of Eric Jang.
As always, this tourney is well attended by the elite bowlers in NZ. Battles are fought with courage. The qualifiers are highly respected. It gives bowlers with skill, attitude, ethics and capability with the best possible chance to gauge themselves amongst the elites on an equal platform and giving TBNZ selectors the opportunity to observe the bowlers that possess the right attitude and dedication for international tournaments. The format of this tourney exposes a bowler consistency of performance and result, ability and versatility in the range of shots, ability to adapt to different playing conditions, technical and tactical ability and mental aptitude; and demonstrates values and behaviours via preparation and readiness, body language and personal responsibility – “No blame. No excuses”

It’s aghastly disappointing that a lot of the Wellington competitive bowlers went AWOL and did not seize this opportunity to prove themselves amongst their peers when now is the time to turn all your promise and potential into something tangible. Sad.
My hat off to the following Wellingtonians Tim Swain, Yoyo Muljono, Greg Nicolas, Wayne Booth, Billy Te Tau, Delfin De Guzman, Kaleb Allardyce, Hamish McGrigor, Dave Warwick, Chris Ball, Jason Peters, Roger Tucker and Ivena Heald for their gutsy participation. Wayne, Roger, Greg, Kaleb, Ivena and Delfin made the Semi Final matchplay. Well done.

2013 TBNZ Open Championship - Tauranga May31st - June3

This TBNZ Open is best remembered for the AGM that was held at this tournament. It was well attended and the remits were discussed with intense participation. It lasted two and a half hours. Grey Power was in full force. Were my eyes playing tricks or is it a sign of the times? Almost 50% of the bowlers in this year’s championship were Senior. TBNZ should conduct a feasibility study of this demographic changing trend. There was a poor response from the youth. Also, the Adult (under 50s) is a dying race. Zero growth.
The 2013 World Cup Qualifying was held concurrently and it was a farce.
Only 8 bowlers – 1 Auckland, 1 Tauranga, 2 Christchurch and 4 from Wellington participated. Craig Nevatt was the eventual Winner.
For the TBNZ Open, the WTBA Atlanta 38 ft oiling pattern was used. Surprisingly the backend was huge. Dry as. For those bowlers that were having difficulties with the lanes after trying out different lines, speed, release and balls, my advice to you is to learn how to enjoy your game than feeling the despair. When you learn to quiet your Mind, you will hear the Call.
Greatness comes to those who can ignore their fear.
A few Welly bowlers got the Gold medals. Kerrie Churchill won the Open Ladies Singles. Annabellle Swain, Kelly Wilson, Brooke Malone got Gold in the Open Ladies Team with a composite team. Dave Warwick also won Gold as part of a composite team in the Open Mens Team. Silver went to Brooke Malone & Ivena Heald in the Open Ladies Doubles and Kelly Wilson in the Open Ladies Masters. Tina Sicat, Janet Miklos, Ivena Heald, Vanessa Tomlinson got Bronze in the Open Ladies Team.
On a side note, if the public has used a pair of lanes eg lanes 19/20 before the next squad, should the proprietor have reoiled all the lanes instead of lane 13 to 24 when lanes 13/14 was not being used by the public? Although this is an innocent gesture, some bowlers might have misconstrued it as creating an unfair advantage or an act of malice. Penny for thought.
The next 2014 Edition will be held in Wellington.

2013 NBT Stop 4 - Newtown May 17 - 19

If the bowling proprietors are to hold TBNZ ranked tournaments, they should ensure that the lane approaches are in pristine condition. Once the tournament has started, nothing can be changed. That’s fairness. A ranked tournament is an opportunity for the bowling center to showcase to visiting bowlers that they are prepared to put on a show where the stage is set and to provide undue attention to the bowlers’ needs.
Wellington weather was unkind to the bowlers this weekend. It was cold and wet. The center’s heating was on for bowlers comfort. Sticky lane approach to the foul line was the general consensus which escalated to end of Day 1 frustration. Warning. Please do not clean the approach with your towel at any stage. You will be flagged with lane violation. You may inform the tourney director. On Day 2, the center’s heating was turned off, but there was only a slight improvement. The schedule was running behind time and the death squad finished late. My advice to the bowlers is to learn how to deal with something beyond your control. Learn to contain your anxiety. When you are at a tournament, you should always bowl your best game. Who knows, by the time you think you are ready, you might be incapacitated by other external influence.
The lane pattern was tough for those bowling on the outside 5 boards. It just skidded and stayed straight. Bowlers with bowling knowledge made changes and were rewarded.
The Heald’s claimed top honours in their respective divisions, with Allan winning the Senior Masters and Ivena taking the Ladies. Chelsie Parsons won the Juniors and Anthony Carbonell took the Youth. Craig Nevatt from Auckland won the Open after qualifying through death squad.
Other Wellys in the Masters:
Junior – Dayna Haylock, 2nd, Jacob Koot 3rd, Kurt Zvagulis 4th, Sean Ternent 5th, Breellen Gedye 6th
Youth – Kaleb Alladyce 2nd, John Miklos 3rd, Sam Keller 4th, Saasha Ritchie 5th, Ash Ball 6th
Seniors – Wayne Booth 3rd, Greg Nicolas 4th, Delfin De Guzman 6th, Hamish McGrigor 8th, Roger Tucker 10th
Open – Delfin De Guzman 3rd, Greg Nicolas 9th, Dave Warwick 1th, Jordan Tuite 12th
Ladies – Annabelle Swain 2nd, Kelly Wilson 4th, Tina Sicat 5th, Kelly Churchill 7th, Ellen Slater 9th, Janet Miklos 10th

2013 NBT Stop 3 - Panmure April 26 - 28

This was an eventful weekend for all the wrong reasons. Squads’ scores for Friday and early Saturday were not posted on TBNZ website or at the bowling center till 3pm Saturday. Is there a contingency plan? I grew up in the days of pen and paper. How hard can it be? A handwritten copy at the bowling center showing just the bowlers’ series will suffice. It comes down to initiative. Out of town bowlers are anxious to know what series pinfall they will encounter.
The tournament did not go smoothly due to machine breakdown. The pins don’t stand up, scoring issues and sometimes balls get stuck. The problem is not really widespread though, but one could see that there were issues because bowlers had to wait for other bowlers to finish. The lane pattern that was put down seems to be accurate on the right side although the left side seemed a little different and did not behave according to the pattern based on the “minus 31 Rule”. Local knowledge was a big advantage. The last 4 lanes are different from the rest and lanes 3/4 had pinsetting problems.
Visiting bowlers spend a fortune to attend an away tourney and they expect the center to be in competitive condition. The brave did the walkout. It might be impolite, but hey….its frustrating.
Will you be back to Panmure? Most probably the answer is 2 alphabets, but I will bring my family though. It’s a nice entertainment center. That’s about it.
Welly bowlers in the Masters were:
Seniors – Greg Nicolas 4th Billy Te Tau 10th
Ladies – Annabelle Swain 6th
Open – Christopher Ball 6th, Tim Swain 7th, Alan Wiliams 13th
Youth – Anthony Carbonell 2nd, John Miklos 4th, Sam Keller 6th

2013 Adult National Teams Champ Pins Lincoln Mar 29 - 31

This was 2012. The enthusiasm of the Opening Day resulted in some good scores. As the NTC dragged on, the pitfalls of paralysis by analysis start to take effect. Fear and doubt, and a lot of other ancillary issues start to affect the mental stability of the bowlers as they try to find new midline and break to attain better ball carry. Frustration and lack of self confidence as bowlers forgot to exploit their own unique attributes that are manifested in themselves whilst in desperation, they try to emulate other bowlers hence creating further confusion. Self inflicting anger and negative body language transmit unwelcome vibes towards the team morale. Some coaches were questioning their bowlers instead of giving linear direction on competition day. As bowlers moved away from their comfort zone, simple spares were not converted. The bowlers low average reflect the long day and the tough gruelling condition of this format. It has taken the life out of bowling.
The results from Wellingtonians for this 2013 tournament is disheartening. Same problem, different year. Wellingtonians just do not know how to capitalize, maintained a lead and finished it off with a Win. Day 1 was impressive. Day 2 and 3 it self destructed. Why. Poor mental preparedness, inability to play the outside line on short oil, did not include a low RG ball in your arsenal, physically unfit, stubbornness to change, stage fright, whatever. I was hoping for a better result considering that there are more active bowlers from this side of the country and many are very passionate for the game. I thought we were more learned than before but the result in the NTC doesn’t reflect that. It remains a challenge and we have to agree that many Auckland bowlers are better because they are more knowledgeable of the game. It does not mean that they have better brains or physically fitter than us.
Wellingtonians will never win the NTC unless we know some basic facts and begin to forcefully adhere to them. It is all too common that we keep on bowling, practicing and training but not really improving our knowledge of the game. We may continue bowling until our pockets and fingers hurt but it will never change the fact that we are still babes of the game until we begin to seriously learn the basics. The NTC would have been a better experience if many knew how to play the lanes. TBNZ will always put sports patterns and will always require knowledgeable bowlers and coaches to play them well.
To put it simply, it is about lining up several points on the lane. This is a proven formula. It will improve accuracy which will result in more consistent strikes, I mean pockets, not brooklyn strikes and of course fewer splits. This makes it simple to just play the lane thus avoiding many distractions and over thinking. You can check up on youtube or google this EEP. Kegel has a good detail column on it.
The EEP point system came about based on a research to get the biggest margin of error. It is a technique used by better bowlers. The ball goes down the lane and run through those points.
1. Entry point – Using a point somewhere around the arrows is where your eyes is fixed as you throw the ball down the lane and lined up with the rest of the points.
2. Exit point - It is where the ball should be on a particular board number on the lane between the end of the oil and backend or simply subtract 31 from the length of the oil. The 31 rule was studied by USBC and proven to be effective. Do not mistake it to be the same as breakpoint. The breakpoint is where the biggest movement to the pocket. It is a point in the trajectory to the pocket before the exit point. Knowing the breakpoint is also essential but it is not one of the targeting points. Exit point is more important in targeting to focus on.
3. Pin point – Located at the pin area. I named it as pin point because you can use any of the front pins to focus on when aligning it with the exit point. Using a more refined adjustment on the pins is highly recommended for better precision. You can divide the pin into 5 from right to left. To explain it better is using your right hand if you are not a lefty with your 5 fingers. The pinky as the right side of the pin, the ring finger as the division before the middle of the pin, the middle finger as the center of the pin, the forefinger as the division after the center of the pin and the thumb as the left side of the pin.
Using the EEP point system will definitely make the biggest improvement in the bowlers performance. Incorporating the Quiet Eye with this technique will be a game breaker. Using the above technique will change you for good but it needs serious understanding and training. The brain is naturally stubborn to change and will always want to do what is familiar. All is not lost, if you want to improve and have the will power to do so, you can do it.
Finally, remember to watch what your ball is telling you.

2013 NBT Stop 2 - Kapiti March 15 - 17

While other regions in New Zealand are having difficulties in getting the youth and junior bowlers, Wellington is blooming. Kapiti and Strike have a responsive youth and junior program, which gives Wellington a good chance of having a strong presence in the New Zealand Youth/Junior scene. Kieran Davis (Kapiti) and John Miklos (Newtown) won the Junior and Youth respectively. One of the qualified finalists in the Junior Masters missed the check in time hence did not compete in the Masters playoff.
Wellington Ladies and Seniors bowlers once again dominated the podium. Julianne Mollet won the Ladies and Greg Nicolas won the Seniors with a 208.71 ave.
It is only in the Open division that it is evenly spread. Wellingtonian Tim Swain and Greg Nicolas are a force to be reckoned with. In the Open Masters, Tim Swain bowled a 298 going Brooklyn, leaving pins 6-10 averaging 210.84 for 2nd. ‘The Nearly Man’ had a 299 in 2008 and an unofficial 300 in glow lighting condition. It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen. Greg Nicolas, the steely missile man successfully defended the Open title averaging 215.23. Back to back victory is rare and making it a double by winning the Senior is an exceptional feat.
Greg was using the same ball that he used to achieve this last year – Storm Victory Road Tour, a hard ball that could react better than the HyRoad.
Many bowlers are carried away with the oil volume and oiling pattern, forgetting the simple fact that there is no oil from where the pattern length ends to the pindeck. It is only in the head and mid lane that bowlers need to think about. Every centre has its characteristic – an area of sweet spot and the right type of arsenal(ball hardness) to carry the strike. You could be accurate all day to the pocket but if the carry is not good it is nothing. To give yourself the best strike percentage, using the correct ball and finding the best line with the right shape of your ball path to the pocket is a Must. To maintain this combination, you can fine tune the ball carry by varying your release and ball speed.
Finally do not let anything negative affect You.
Other Wellys in the Masters:
Junior - Alex Harman 2nd, Sean Ternent 3rd, Chelsie Parsons 4th, Jacob Koot 5th
Youth - Kaleb Allardyce 2nd, Anthony Carbonell 3rd, Sam Keller 4th, Justin Downie 6th
Senior - Hamish McGrigor 2nd, Delfin DeGuzman 3rd, Rob Pollock 4th
Ladies: Ivena Heald 2nd, Ellen Slater 3rd, Kelly Wilson 4th, Kerrie Churchill 5th, Brooke Malone 7th
Open - Tim Swain 2nd, Daniel Simon 8th, Alan Wiliams 9th, Delfin DeGuzman 11th, Dave Warwick 12th
The machines and lanes held up well. Another good job by the Kapiti Tenpin staff.

2013 Wellington Open - Strike Porirua February 15 - 17

The Wellington Open was held at Strike Porirua. The response was overwhelming for this recently promoted Grade 2 tourney. Christchurch sent a good contingent of bowlers. The oiling pattern for this tourney has some similarity to those found on the kegel library patterns. Its challenging and frustrating to bowlers that do not have the ability to read and handle the condition. The scores reflect the toughness of this oiling pattern. The pins depend on each other to get a strike. Bowlers that take an inside line have a better ball carry.
Welly bowlers dominated the Men and Ladies Graded division and the Open Ladies. The winners in the Open Mens division had a mixture of bowlers from, Rotorua, Auckland, Palmerston North and Christchurch.
Once again, bowlers in the reserves for the Masters, got the call and won. This seemed to be the norm. Hence if your are in the reserve, it pays to turn up. Kurt Sturgess was 1st reserve and took out the Masters by a big margin. Lucky you. Adrian Judd of Rotorua took the Open Mens All Event after an early display of two 700 series in the Mixed doubles with Tracey Conner and Claire Gow of Christchurch.
This tourney definitely deserved the Grade Two status billing. Well done.
Goto Results for Winners List.

2013 NBT Stop 1 - Tauranga February 8 - 10

A handful of bowlers from Wellington trekked north to compete in the 1st NBT of the year. The entries were just lukewarm. The Junior division had no entries. If it weren't for the Welly youth participation, the Youth division would have faced the same demise.
In the Youth Masters, Sam Keller and Kieran Davis came 2nd and 3rd respectively. Stephanie George came 2nd in the Ladies.
The others that made the Masters Finals were:
Seniors - Delfin De Guzman 5th, Roger Tucker 6th, Greg Nicolas 9th
Ladies - Janet Miklos 5th, Julie Barns 7th
Youth - Saasha Richie 5th, Monica Sopi 6th
Janet Miklos who was accompanying his youthful son to this tour, had a bowl in the Ladies ending up as 4th Reserve. To her surprised on the Masters Day, 4 ladies did not turned up and she made the cut. She finished with a commendable 5th position out of 10 finalists. She cashed in as well. Lucky you.

2013 4th TBNZ National Senior Champ KapitiTenpin Jan 25-27

Superb weather and glorious sunshine welcomed this Grade 1 TBNZ National Senior Championship to a fullhouse status for KapitiTenpin under the new management of Daniel and Julz. Bowlers throughout NZ and two from Aussie attended.
The WTBA Seoul 39 feet pattern was selected. Some find it extremely challenging while others had a dream run. It has a similiarity to the PBA ‘Chameleon’ with the difference being a flatter pattern with more oil in the midlane and less in the heads. The heads will breakdown faster than midlane hence bowlers should bowl straighter through the head at a lower ball speed. A matt medium oil absorption ball is to be used in the earlier games, then moving on to the pearlised ball with a stronger layout. A safe way to handle the midlane breakdown is to follow the track that is bowled by others on the lane. This ‘dummies approach’ will help to maintain a line to the carry. This "multiple angles" pattern also reveals the depth of knowledge and the experience of a bowler in his/her ability to understanding change.
Medals were evenly shared by all bowlers. There were many happy faces. Welly bowlers Ramon Tiu and Coco Tuason had a good run in the Graded division gaining medals in the Singles, Allevents, Masters and National champ. In the Ladies, Ivena Heald , Annabelle Swain and Josie Adams followed a similar path. In the Mens Roger Tucker and Allan Heald shined. There were a lot of other Welly bowlers in the medals. Congrats.
The Luckiest bowler of this champ goes to Terry Mustchin who was 2nd reserve for the Mens Open Masters, made the cut due to two late withdrawals - a bowler getting held up at traffic and another bowler not packing his wrist guard and bowling shoes. Terry won the Masters. A good omen to the start of a new year for Terry, me ole chum.
A dinner party to be held on the night before the Masters or a victory banquet would have wrapped this championship up nicely.

2011 49th Walter Rachuig Interstate Trophy Oct 18 - 20

BIG OCCASION, BIG RESPONSES. There was an air of confidence that this new Mens squad will be devastating. And so they did. The Mens retained their Rachuig title superbly with a round to spare. They went through the last Block defeating all their opponents. The Men won 15 of their 18 rounds. Daniel Simon had the most wins with 13 and Jason Waters had the best average of 204. The rest of the team average ranging between 193 to 199. When it was time to rotate, the other bowler delivered. Craig was the only returning bowler from last year. NZ is fortunate to have such a strong pool of evenly skilled Mens bowlers that could follow up on the success of last year's team.
2011 Mens team L to R: Jason Waters, Adrian Judd, Chris Haynes, Carl Mollet, Craig Nevatt, Daniel Simon

Unfancied and with no great expectations, the Ladies team deserved my accolade. They earned the respect of the bowling fraternity by their tenacity in winning the closely fought games. A win is a Win. They went through the first 14 rounds with just 1 loss. That sets the impetus for the male counterpart to follow suit, The dream of capturing the Combined Team overall Supremacy was within reach. Julz bowled all the 18 rounds with 15 wins and the ladies Hi Game of 277 twice over. It went unchallenged since Day 1. She also topped the Ladies AllStar. Stellar performance. Ash had 12 wins. Belle strung 8 wins in a row. Dairne and Lynne bowled consistently well to add the points to the tally. Sarah met strong oppositions. It was a closely fought contest for the top 3 placings. The Ladies got their medals. The 50 - 50 combination of ladies from Wellington and Auckland looks like a good mix.
Just awesome.
2011 Ladies team L to R: Dairne Kaimoana, Ashley Lorigan, Sarah young, Annabelle Swain, Lynne Churchill, Julieanne Mollet (Squat)

The creme de la creme came when Team NEW ZEALAND took the covetted overall Combined Interstate Team title. For the first time, Team NZ got the medals for every division. The dream has become a Reality. What a splendid achievement. A Great Day indeed.

2010 Walter Rachuig InterState Trophy, Rooty Hill, Sydney

The Walter Rachuig Trophy started in 1963, Team NZ joined 8 years ago in this Australian Inter State tournament. This week Oct 26 - 28 history was made. For the first time a NZ team has uplifted the Walter Rachuig Trophy off the Aussies. Well done.
Mens Team New Zealand
Front L to R - Jason Waters (Coach), Gregorio Nicolas, Tony Lum
Back L to R - Terry Mustchin, Brodie Hunt, Russell Young, Geoff Wakelin (Manager), Craig Nevatt.

Russell Young received the High Achievement Award
Nhung Mai took out the Sportswoman Award.
Craig Nevatt and Brodie Hunt were 3rd and 4th in the Top Five AllStars.
Gregorio Nicolas gained a Priority Flag.
Dave Warwick of Wellington bowled the perfect game in Game 13 at Strike Porirua during the NBT Stop 6 Open Masters Matchplay on August 04, 2013.
Dion Leslie bowled a perfect game in Game 4 at Strike Porirua during the All Stars Singles League on March 06, 2012
Jordan Tuite bowled the 1st Perfect Game of Kapiti Tenpin on February 20th 2012 during the Kapiti Scratch Doubles League. He finished the 4 game series with a 936.
Nathan Berry shot another 300 Game in the Foundation trios League on Wednesday, November 09th 2011 at Bowlarama Newtown on a medium 39ft oiling pattern using the Brunswick C System 3.5. 11 solid pocket shot and once again the 12th strike came off brooklyn. On lane 5-6.
Nathan Berry shot the inaugural 300 Game at Bowlarama Newtown on Oct. 28th 2011 during the Friday Premier Singles League on Lane 5-6 with a 1449 series using a Storm Domination Nano ball on a long oil 44feet oiling pattern. 11 pocket strikes with the last that went brooklyn, but it all fell.
Gregorio Nicolas shot a 299 Game at Bowlarama Newtown during the Premier Singles League on Friday July 22nd. Every shot carried perfectly in the pocket. The last shot left a Pin 6. He finished off with a 6 Game Series of 1440.
WAYNE BOOTH bowled another Perfect Game at Strike Porirua on April 05 during the All Stars League on lane 5-6. It came on the last game. The preceeding game was 269. Wayne did 21 strikes in a row. Thats a hell lot of strikes mate. Wayne is currently a member of the NZ Senior Training Squad. He will be representing Wellington South in the coming 2011 Adult National Team Champs at Tauranga. Good Luck.
BILLY TE TAU struck the Perfect 300 Game on game 1 during the AllStar League at Strike Porirua Sunday evening Nov 14th on Lane 1 n 2. Surprisingly, the previous two 300 games here were also struck on these pair of lanes by Carlos Tuason and Wayne Booth.
An awesome achievement Billy.
NATHAN BERRY shot the Perfect 300 Game in the Final of the Coca Cola High Roller Tournament at Strike Hutt on Sunday Oct 31 collecting $4000, $725 for the jackpotted game, $250 for the High Game of the Tournament and winning the Bo Smaha Memorial Trophy as well. It was struck on Lane 3 and 4. Gregorio Nicolas was the 1st bowler to struck the perfect game here on the same pair of lanes on Nov 11th 2008. Nice one Nathan.
CARLOS TUASON got his elusive Perfect Game on June 19, 2010 at Strike Porirua. He has bowled 3 298 Game before; two at Ball Crushers League, Bowland Petone in 2006 and the other at Bowland Porirua in 2008. This time with the aid of a Taylormade golf glove to bypass his sweaty palm, the strikes just keep coming. All 12 strikes were solid pocket ball. Good on yer mate. Next hurdle...for the perfect score...finding a soulmate.
MARION GUNN started tenpin bowling when she was a sweet-young-thing in Mother England. In 1965 at a tender age of twenty something, she migrated to NZ. Bowled at Upper Hutt, then moved on to the newly opened bowling alley in Bond Building, Pirie Street, Mt. Victoria, after an invite by Ailsa Gill. Back then, bowling alleys were not automated and the pins are attached to strings. She joined (Kerridge Odeon) Petone automated bowling centre when it opened in 1986. She is still a founding member of the Ballcrushers League which is in its 26th Year. Nowadays she bowls three leagues a week at Hutt and two in Newtown, participates in the quarterly Travel League and dedicates her administrative talent as the Lower North Island Director on the TBNZ Board.
TwentyEleven is a very special year for Marion. She has reached a milestone in Tenpin.
Over 50 Years of Tenpin Bowling. Insane! We wish you well.